How to dress like Meghan Markle

An easy guide to steal Miss Markle’s look from head-to-toe

All eyes are on Meghan Markle since as her engagement with Prince Harry was officially annunced. The actress may not be a royal yet, but she’s already got a sense of style that has been on my radar for quite some time now. Her penchant for ladylike dresses and structured short suits making her a natural fit into the royal family’s style. From sailor-striped blazers to crisp tailored button-downs, Meghan Markle is quickly becoming fashion’s icon.

So here I’m trying to provide a short list of her must-have buys to help you steal Miss Markle’s style. First thing first: Megan’s favorite brands are Misha Nonoo, Sarah Flint, Joseph Full, Everland, Finlay & Co, Line, P.A.R.O.S.H. just to name a few.

Since I know that we are all normal women with, at the end of the month, bills to pay, than I tryed to find out some cheap alternative to mirror her style. From Zara to Mango, from Asos to Zalando since Yoox, H&M and the Italian shops OVS and Quello giusto you can find some ideas for stealing Meghan Markle’s look from head-to-toe.

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