Xmas outfit: choose a total look by Zara

Are you ready for the Christmas party?

It’s unusual for me writing an article focusing only in a single brand, especially because I like to mix different clothes and accessories so that I can create a personal and unique style (I’d like to think I’m able to do it!). But today I was talking with some friends of mine that in this season are so busy that they don’t have time to go around the city searching for the perfect dress for the Christmas party. So why not try and make it less challenging if we can?

This is it! I start with Zara that offers a good price/quality ratio and has everything you need: from dresses to necklace, from shoes to bags. I hope it could be useful.

Red & Green dresses: it’s Christmas!

I know, the first colour that comes to mind thinking of Xmas is usually red (and immediatly after, green). So it doesn’t surprise me that  shops are offeing a lot of red dresses, blazer, skirt and trousers, but I’m really happy to see that this year there are a lot of different charming nuance on store displays. Not just red but carmine, magenta, burgundy and the same has happened with green (apple, fluo, bottle, dark).

A Sparkling Starry Night!

Another leitmotiv during Xmas is sequin. Dresses, jacket, skirt… everything shines like stars! Zara offers different sequin clothes with various nuances: black, silver, red, purple and green. What are you waiting for… Let it shine!

Unusual Christmas look

Would you like to try something unusual this year? Are you searching for something very distant to the traditional Xmas outfits? Here some ideas always from Zara’s shop, of course.  Different colours (Blue, purple, gold, light dusty rose) and  materials (velvet, satin, sequin, lether, tulle, etc.) for creating an original and unique Christmas look.

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