How to dress like Kate Middleton

#CopyKate: follow the Cambridge Duchess’ style!

Who in life has never dreamed of being a princess, at least for a day? Maybe for the blame of Walt Disney’s stories or tabloids’ scoop, we all cherish this fantasy, that’s virtually impossible for most of us.

Or at least it was, until Kate Middleton came in. Thanks to her we all started to think that, well, finally it could be a little easier become a princess!

Kate, with a fresh-faced beauty and an innate elegance, made us realize that charm doen’t born by what we are wearing, but by how. And she also destroyed another myth … You don’t need expencive dresses to shine! It’s all about an inner strength, a way of being.

What is the secret of Kate Middleton’s style?

I think that the contamination between low-cost brands and international fashion designers clothing is the key of her elgance. A mix that makes her look perfect.

Of course she loves stylist like Issa – Jenny Packham – Katherine Hooker – Alexander McQueen – Diane Von Furstenberg – Chanel (who doesn’t?!!?) but she also wears low cost clothes from Zara and H&M like us. And we have often seen her recycle her shoes and clothes, making some iconic outfit. Do you remember her look at the official girlfriend’s party or her inseparable shoes by LK Bennett?

She’s able to combine the sobriety that a princess must maintain with a young and fashionable style.

What we can learn by her outfits?

Well, rule number one is sobriety. This doesn’t mean avoid colours, of course not. It’s quite the opposite, Kate usually wears coloured clothing (I love her red dresses!!) but this choice is balanced by the extreme simplicity of her accessories. So you can see her wears pink, red or light blue coat,  jacket or dresses (she loves also floral dresses!), but her shoes and handbags are, always, black, grey or nude.

In general, for the “formal” occasions you can opt for slim-waisted jackets, with a vaguely 50s line. For  the leisure time, instead, you can wear t-shirts and dark skinny trousers or coloured mini dresses. The party oufits allow you to try something more peculiar and shinning.

So, if we really want to copy her style, we should look at our wardrobe in a different way and should ask ourselves … Would the Cambridge Duchess wear this dress? And how would she wear it?

How much does Kate Middleton’s elegance cost?

Is it possible to recreate Cambridge Duchess outfits spending less than 200 euros? Of course! Do not you believe it? Look here.  Zalando, Asos online shops offer a great range of cheap brands like Mint & Berry, Closet, Wallis, Chi Chi London or Dorothy Perkins and also H&M, Zara, Mango sell affordable coats, jackets, blazers, dresses and shoes. So, I select some example of clothing with a price between 30 and 200 euros… Take a look!

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