Emma Stone 2017 Oscar

2017 Oscar style: get inspired by celebrities outfits

From red carpet to the real life

Because there is a star inside everyone!

The Academy Awards are always an exciting moment for me, an apointment in which two of my greatest passions (the third is traveling, in case you were wondering) are bond together and give me (but I’m not alone, am I?) an unforgettable night: during the Oscars, cinema and fashion are celebrated in a non-stop event. Simply wonderful!

Like every year I was ready, but this time I followed and commented the entire event (red carpet and awards ceremony) on  Twitter! Oh what a night! It was the “non plus ultra” of celebrities! A lot of wonderful (and sometimes awful) dresses,  jewellery, shoes, make-up, hairstyles! Armani, Valentino, Versace, Gucci, Chanel, Stella McCarney, Marchesa, Dior, Givenchy, and the list goes on! A real eye candy for a fashion addicted like me!

Now is time for me to translate (well I’ll try to) what I saw on the red carpet in something more affordable for us mere humans… But first thing first: I need to tell you who were the best and worst dressed stars at 2017 Oscar!

Promoted outfits

Failed outfits

The secret recipe of a perfect Oscars outfit!

A perfect Oscars outfit it’s not only made by great dress and shoes, it’s more about harmony… Sometime, even if you’re wearing a wonderful dress, an excess of details can ruin everything: jewellery, bags, hairstyle or make-up have the same importance. What’s happened, for example, to Halle Berry’s hair or Dakota Johnson’s make-up (I don’t want to spend a single word on that Gucci)? On the contrary, sometime is the absense of these details the real problem: look at Felicity Jones’ outfits… something is missing, is it? And what about the way you wear a dress? Ginnifer Goodwin or Michelle Willson‘s dresses are great but both of them look like they’re there by mistake, don’t you think? What the hell, you are at the Oscars!

Oscar inspiration looks by Asos

Asos is one of my favorite website for affordable, but fantastic, purchases (clothing, shoes, accessories, etc.), it has a ample selection of interesting brands with an excellent price/quality ratio. Moreover,  plenty of Asos products are also available in “petit”, “cuver” and “tall” version! Lastly, I really like the way they show the products: worn by models. So, I selected some maxi and midi dress that, in some ways (for materials, shape or colours) remind me the Oscars outfits above (not just the best, but also the worst… because there’s something good even in those examples).

Oscar inspiration looks by Bloomingdale’s

Another useful online resource is Bloomingdale’s, one of the most iconic website for any fashion addicts, here are available a lot of amazing dresses… The website offers clothing, shoes and accessories, maybe less cheaper than Asos’, but not unattainable: if you’re lucky you can find out special offers!

Oscar inspiration looks by Nordstrom

Talking about prices, between Asos and Bloomingdale’s we can find Nordstrom, a very interesting website with a great selection of brands:  Guess, Burberry, Armani, Lulus, Jenny Yoo, etc..  Also this website has “petite” and “plus” categories.

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