Dressing like Stella Gibson

Get Gillian Anderson look

Stella Gibson, played by Gillian Anderson (the famous X-Files’s agent Scully), is a Detective Superintendent for the Northern Ireland police in the BBC serie ‘The Fall. A strong and smart feminist, that works in a man’s world and tries to catch a man who strangles and kills female victims throughout Belfast. She’s an indipendent woman who is very confident in her body.

The wardrobe of DSI Stella Gibson, reflects her character, so is impeccable, sartorial but also incredible sexy. Stella wears heel pumpssilk blouses, immaculate tailoring pencil skirts, cashmere sweaters with confidence and strength: she wears heels, all day, every day without changing into a pair of comfortable old sneakers (how is possible??!!).

But Stella Gibson’s wardrobe is also feminine and masculine: even if there’s a lot of skirts, stilettos and blush colors, the button downs are strong. The wide leg trousers she wears (Paul Smith), perfectly exemplifies this masculine/feminine mix.

Stella is charming, intelligent and extremely magnetic… It’s virtually impossibile to resist, Olson and Anderson know this for a fact, and also Doctor Reed Smith can tell us something. Also her tone of voice, soft and seductive, is enviable. How can we channel her?

Channel Stella Gibson’s style

What we can learn from her? Maybe we can start writing our personal “dream dairy” (you can buy one on Amazon) like her, or using a soft and seductive tone of voice.  Or, finally, choose one or two item form her wardrobe. Costume designer Eimer Ni Mhaoldomhnaigh, has revealed some of the brands used on The Fall season 3: Paul Smith, Manolo Blahnik, The Kooples, Reiss and Jaeger. Great brands, but not for every wallet!

So, how we can dress like Stella without going bankrupt? Some online stores help us, such as:  H&M,  New Look, Nordstorm, YooxAsos and Mango.

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