How to wear oxford heel pumps like a celebrity

Become a today’s icons in the style like Taylor Swift?

Well, wear oxford heel pumps! Black, gray, brown, blue, silver or black and white, with stiletto or large heels, oxford heel shoes are available with infinite variable and they are the real “must have” for any fashion addicted in 2017. Probably the success during the last Spring and also this Winter, also depend on the celebrities passion for this kind of shoes.

One of the most famous and important oxford heel pumps lover is Taylor Swift, that, aside from being considered an icon in the music industry, is also regarded as one of today’s icons in the style department. Probably you have already seen a lot of heeled oxfords on Taylor which she usually wears with frocks. But, in my opinion, you can wear them also with jeans and leggings: this style shoes can make any casual look more sophisticated.

Would you like to wear lace-up oxford shoes like Taylor Swift, Whitney Port,Selma Blair or Dakota Johnson?  It’s easy and it doesn’t require a great investment… Not everyone can afford a pair of shoes form Yve Saint Laurent or Casadei, right? But thanks God there are a lot of less expensive brands online that offer great shoes. Like Rebecca Van Dik, Tamaris, Anna Field, Mint&Berry and Cafè Noir.

This kind of shoes are perfect with a classic sheath dress, an A line checked dress, a short jumpsuit or a smoking jacket + hot pants or, if you prefer a more casual style, with boyfriend or skinny jeans. Asos, Zalando, Rinascimento, Zara, H&M and Mango online store offer a lot of solution for creating a perfect style.

What do you think? How do you wear this type of shoes?

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