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Claire Underwood Style: wardrobe inspiration from House of Cards

House of Card StyleI’ll be honest with you, I started watching House of Cards only recently, but it was love at first sight! Especially for Claire Undewood, (played by the wonderful Robin Wright): a strong, cruel and resolute female lead with a great wardrobe! Well, maybe her moral compass isn’t always on point, but we can get a lot of inspiration from her wardrobe anyway!

But first, what can I say about this incredible TV serie? The acting is extraordinary (Kevin Spacey plays the main character!!), the writing is amazing and the show is completely addictive: get some Washington DC scandal, add intrigues and political aims, then complete the recipe with some disturbed and treacherous characters.

That’s it! A perfect television show.

You may have heard about the plot of House of Cards… If you don’t, without giving you any spoilers, Claire Underwood is the wife of Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) the Democratic Majority Whip in the United States House of Representatives (season 1), a power hungry and ruthless man ready to do anything for grabbing the power. Usually, when the main character is conniving and evil, his wife is not so cruel, it’s a sort of balancing element that reduces the effects of bad actions. Not in this case. Claire and Francis are two halves of a whole! But the creepy thing is that the audience loves them!

How to dress like Claire Underwood

House of Cards costume designer Tom Broecker about Frank and Claire style told:

Clothes are like armor, very reflective… They  reflect everything away from them. It’s almost an intentional thing. It’s like an emotional barrier… Every choice they make is deliberate, never casual.

Claire’s wardrobe consists of some creations by important designer and brands: Narciso Rodriguez, Banana Republic, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana, Roland Mouret, Prada, L’Wren Scott, Armani, Gucci, Louboutin, ect. It’s very hard not to be stylish when all you wear is designer clothing.

Ok, I know we haven’t an unlimited budget like her, so I tryed to understand the general rules of her style and use them to find out some low-cost proposals.

Minimalistic, form-fitting and tailored are the keywords!



Rule n.1: Monchromatic e neutral colors

Black, grey, white, navy and camel are your new palette. Do you like red, purple or floreal patterns? Forget them or stop reading here, this is not the wardrobe style for you.

Rule n.2: Perfect tailoring

Claire usually wears tight and geometrical clothes that match perfectly to her shape (and her personality!!). In a couple of episodes she opted for some menswear clothes, such as a crisp button-down shirt: tight-fitting and tailored as well. Even her coats and trench are tailored, form-fitting, structured and… AMAZING!

Rule n. 3: Form-fitting sheath dress

She frequently wears form-fitting sheath dresses. Her taste for minimalism is evident here, but with an innovative touch: interesting and unusual necklines.

Rule n.4 : Simple accessories

Mrs Underwood has a minimalistic style even in the accessories. She wears, in fact, a simple wedding band and, sometimes, small studs earrings.

Rule n. 5:  Strapless cocktail dresses

For parties and important events Claire, usually, choose simple strapless dresses (always tight-fitting) in neutral-colour style: simple, but flawless (avoid strapless dresses if you don’t have strong shoulders and defined collarbone).

Rule n.6: A classic satchel

Claire Underwood bag is always and only a satchel bag. It’s an YSL and ehm, maybe is a bit out of our price range. Don’t worry folks I found out some less expensive items!

Take a look at my selection and click on the links below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1 – White Jacket by H&M (€39,99); 2 – White Skirt by Mango (€29,99); 3 – Tote Bag by Mango (€39.99);  4 – Black Shoes by Zara (€39,95)

5 – Melange Dress by H&M (€39,90); 6 – Black Dress by Zara (€59,95); ; 7 – Navy Dress by H&M (€29,90); 8 – Marciano Guess on Zalando (€200)

9 – Black Trench Bershka (€35,99); 10 – White Blend Coat by Mango (€139,99); 11 – Camel Blend Coat by H&M (€79,99)

12 – Black Top by Zara €(39,95); 13 – Light Blue Shirt by H&M (€14,99); 14 – Black Skirt by H&M (€19,99); 15 – White Top Peplum by H&M (€29,99)


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