How to dress like BBC Sherlock

You, being all, uh, mysterious with your… cheekbones, and turning your coat collar up so you look cool

SherlockGreen-gray eyes, sharp glance, chiseled cheekbones, curly hair and natural elegance. Do you know who I’m talking about, don’t you? The most famous consulting detective, the only one in the world (he invented the job), Mr Sherlock Holmes! In my opinion BBC Sherlock is one of the best television product I’ve ever seen in age, it’s an excellent combination between great writing (Moffat & Gatiss are brilliant!!), amazing actors’ performing (Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and Andrew Scott are terrific!), original photography, refined direction, touching music and inspired costume design.

We know that dessing choices convey our tastes, professions and personalities, Sarah Arthur (Sherlock’s costume designer) knows that as well, and used clothing, shoes, and accessories to express Sherlock’s psyche. She’s done a great job creating an iconic style envied by men and admired by women, everywhere! What’s Sherlock’s secret?

I take the precaution of a good coat and a short friend

Is that all? Of course not, he has innate grace and appeal, barely imitable. Don’t worry men, even if you’re not as elegant and charming as him, you also get inspiration from Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock wardrobe. Here’s my “tips” to recreate the same “allure” without waste your money. Not replicas, then, but also some proposals (pick one or two of them!!), because you aren’t a cosplayer, are you?

Are you ready? The game is on!

First thing first: the coat

bbc sherlockSherlock’s trademark is surely the long dark-grey, double breasted Belstaff coat! For some reason Belstaff no longer make that style, so is very difficult to catch a good alternative with the same peculiarities: big collar, double breasted, elegant cut and high quality fabric. I sound out the Web and now I can suggest the Olive Duble Breasted Coat by Richard James (£995) or the Ralph Lauren Wool Officer Coat (€350). Low budget? What about the Navy Wool Blend Trench Coat (€120) on Top Man?

The scarf, the gloves and the silly hat

Sherlock is rarely without his navy scarf, but did you notice that he chaged it during the different seasons? The first was a Paul Smith scarf (no longer available), in the season two Sarah Arthur opted for a Hugo Boss scarf (no longer available), and during the season three Sherlock worn a yak/silk scarf made by Balmain (limited edition). You can find a good and cheap alternative at House of Fraser or Celio. What are you waiting for? Double it up and loop it round your neck!

Although the original have been discontinued, Paul Smith currently has an update of Sherlock’s gloves (£125). Save your money buying very similar gloves on Zalando (Bugatti, Smart Hands or Your Turn). Finally you can give a bizzare touch at your look with the famous hat: Jason Hats offers a spectacular version of his deerstalker (only £18,95)! Please, don’t use it with other Sherlock’s clothes, you must avoid the cosplay effect!

Now the suit & the shirts

Even if he’s a young man, Sherlock hasn’t any interest in fashion and trends, so he usually wears classic suits with a modern touch: narrow-leg trousers and a two-button, slim-cut jacket (Spencer Hart – around £495.00). Low-cost version by Selected.

What about shirts? If they could talk… Especially the buttons!! Ehm, forgive me, I guess I got a little carried away!! So, although Sherlock wears several different shirts throughout the seasons, in people immagination it’s “The Purple once” his iconic shirt (Dolce & Gabbana – no longer available). I found out some interesting and low-cost version (around €60-80) on Zalando (e.g. Calvin Klein and Seidensticker Uno). If purple isn’t really your colour, opt for black or withe shirt, but always slim fit!

Finally the shoes

Going after criminals along London’s street is a hard job, especially wearing a pair of leather lace-up shoes. The original pair were Yves Saint Laurent (up to £500.00), but Poste made a great version at only £94.99! Interesting proposals even on Zalando (e.g. Sneaky Steve, Geox, Pier One) and on Top Man

Well, the game is over now. Ok probably I forgot something, I know that. I deliberately avoided to talk about the dressing gowns (blue, red, tartan and camel). Do you really think that wearing the same dressing gown of Sherlock Holmes might be a good idea?

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